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  • Implication of negotiable instruments under kuwaiti law
  • A negotiable instrument is a document in writing that represents an unconditional or unrestricted promise to pay a certain amount of money, specified on it, upon the demand of its owner.
  • Kuwaiti Joint liability Company and Limited Liability Company - A comparative study.
  • Due to ever increasing commercial requirements people formed companies and in order to regulate them, new laws came into existence. Even prior to the advent of Islam dealings in the form of companies existed among the Arab community and during the dawn of Islam, companies were categorized as companies of consent, proprietorship, companies based on contracts, capital companies and partnerships.
  • An overview of privatisation in kuwait economy
  • Privatization means the transfer of ownership or management of a project/industry from the government to the private sector for increasing competition among companies which in turn would brings forth capital flow to the market, by generating additional foreign investments and job opportunities. In Kuwait, significant changes are happening in the economic and political scenario which would indicate a shift to a strategy that, as opposed to trying to protect economy from the rest of the world, aims to take advantage of opportunities offered by participating in the international trade.
  • The rule of imprisonment of the debtor
  • Under Kuwaiti law non payment of debt is not a crime and hence there is no prescribed mode of punishment under the Kuwaiti code. However, this does not mean that the debtor would be set free of all his liabilities towards the creditor. If the creditor chooses to pursue the matter he can seek extra judicial assistance and can imprison the debtor for a term not exceeding six months. But how a person interprets the procedure and applies it to his own situation would give it value because the court of law has relatively no role in this matter.
  • Kuwaiti law on Merger of Companies
  • When two or more companies are combined together to achieve greater efficiencies of sale, productivity and profit it is termed as 'merger'. This is achieved through the elimination of replica of identity, structure, equipment, staff etc and the reallocation of capital assets to increase sales and profits in the enlarged company. Part VII of the Company law of Kuwait elaborates on how a merger is possible in Kuwait and it classifies merger as 'Acquisition' or 'Combination', as per the terms mentioned therein.
  • Levy of Interest – The Economic Rationale and Implications under Civil and commercial Laws of Kuwait
  • The loan is a contract binding the lender to pay the borrower an amount of money or any other tangible thing, provided that a similar thing in kind, description or amount is returned. Interest can be defined as the payment of a certain amount of money for using the borrowed money for a specified time.

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